Rosie Redzia, 2014, 'Whaplode Church' (detail)
Rosie Redzia, 2014, ‘Whaplode Church’ (detail)

The first of the Light Ships events will take place this Saturday, 8 November, at St Mary’s Church in Whaplode. As well as the chance to see one of the loveliest and most unusual churches in the fens, there will be exhibitions, film screenings and the launch of The Light Ships book. Among the work to be seen will be

  • Village Postcards by Jo Wheeler for Transported
  • Drawings of local churches by Rosie Redzia
  • An Exhibition of work by Local Artists, organised by Mary Brice
  • Woollen Sculptures made by Lincolnshire knitters

There will be two organ recitals and the church’s 300 year old bells will be rung. At 3.00pm we will be showing two wonderful historic films.

  • COUNTRY TOWN was filmed in Boston in 1943 and gives a fantastic portrait of this ancient town;
  • On a lighter note, WRESTLING PARSON, was made in 1963 about Reg Thomspon, wrestler and vicar of Moulton Chapel.

Country Town 2The first of the Light

The Light Ships book will be introduced, and there will be tea and cake afterwards. Do come if you can – and please tell others who may be interested too. This is a special opportunity to celebrate the place of the church in community life and everyone is most welcome.

Whaplode map


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